Current Projects

Polio Pig

The Rotary Club of White River has been running a fundraiser for Polio for many years. Heidi was our 2021-2022 Polio pig. On 20 August she got “slaughtered” by surgeon Past President Hans, who had a small injury. She raised R7606. This money is contributed by members towards the pig as happy rands during our meetings. Our new Polio pig for 2022-2023 is Cleopatra. We are hoping her belly becomes just as full for this year. All money raised is donated to the Rotary Polio fund where Bill Gates matches $2 to every $1 raised.

Rotary Community Projects

On 14 August 2022, the Rotary Club of White River hosted a Rotary Lunch help. It was in support of Hospice and Rotary Community Projects. We made R13000 profit. R6500 was paid over to Hospice.

Read about the lunch in the Lowvelder Newspaper.